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Montessori Connections Pre-School

Summer Camp

The summer camp at Montessori Connections offers scintillating summer experience for children 18 months to 12 years. The camp curriculum is designed based on weekly theme activities and incorporates various types of Arts, Music, Science, Field Trips and swimming.

Montessori Camp (ages 18 months - 5 years)
Children in the Montessori camp take part in small group activities based on the weekly theme. Part of the child’s time in the summer program is spent in the Montessori classroom. We believe both new and returning children benefit greatly from the experience. Children participate in a wide variety of arts and crafts activities and are encouraged to get creative. The children also participate in weekly Gym, music lesson, Spanish lesson, field trip and swimming lesson.

Exploring Minds Enrichment camp (ages 5 -12 years)

Exploring Mind is an academic enrichment program for school aged children. This provides an opportunity for continued growth in a stimulating and friendly environment. Children will immerse themselves in a variety of areas including Language, Math, science, Social studies. The curriculum includes Reading / Writing, Grade level Math, Math games, Robotics, Science, Arts, Music, Gym, Theatrical arts, Field trips and Swimming.