The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind.

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Montessori Connections Pre-School

About Us

We believe that each child is unique and special and should be allowed to evolve and grow at his/ her own pace.

The Montessori classroom at Montessori Connections is a unique prepared environment, which is carefully designed to allow children to "learn by doing:" Each classroom is filled with imaginative and self-correcting educational materials, which are planned to encourage creative activity, develop the senses and intellectual activity and increase motor coordination.

The experience-rich environment encompasses the following areas: Practical Life, Sensorial, Science, Math, Language, Cultural subjects, Art and Music. Outdoor experiences on our beautiful play yard include group games, physical exercise and free play.

The Montessori child builds confidence and competence as he/ she engages in activities appropriate to his/ her development. Cooperation and a sense of community are fostered through independence and group experiences. The child develops mutual respect and responsibility for herself/himself, others and the environment.

Our experienced and dedicated staff provides the stability and guidance needed to make it possible for each child to progress to his/her fullest social, creative and intellectual potential. In our child-centered environment the directress' role is to foster, nurture, guide, observe and direct the children's decision-making ability. This is done through one-to-lessons, small group explorations and large group activities.